Staples School Tools FAQ

Q: What can you tell me about Staples’ School Tools Kit Program?
Staples School Tools offers prepackaged school supply kits, filled with specific supplies required for students’ upcoming school year. Kits are offered by grade level and each kit is delivered to schools, personalized with each student’s school, name, and grade. The back-to-school kits are a cost-effective and convenient way to purchase the exact supplies for each student’s needs. Teachers and parents are assured in knowing that on the first day of school, every student will be prepared for class.

Q: How do schools, teachers, students and their parents benefit from this program?
Schools can offer our program as a service to students and parents. Offering Staples School Tools as a convenient service helps make the return to school less stressful for parents and students. Parents have been asking us for years, to provide a more convenient way to purchase required school supplies. School Tools is our response to that.
Our program helps to create uniformity that all teachers strive for in their classroom. All students will start the school year with the same teacher-selected and approved supplies. Parents will save both time and money with our hassle-free program.

Q: Is School Tools available in areas where there is no Staples store?
School Tools is ideal for any school, particularly for primary and middle schools which publish a supplies list by grade. School Tools provides remote communities with the option of bringing Staples to the community and providing a unique option to purchase supplies for families associated with the school.

Q: Who facilitates the program?
We do it all for you! We work with a representative of the school and/or Parent Advisory Council. It only takes one person to organize and run our program successfully, and that person will have a dedicated, local Staples School Tools Representative to provide guidance with the entire program.

Q: What is the time frame for running the program?
Your dedicated Staples School Tools Representative will work with you step by step, to help you plan out a program that works best for your school. Our program may accommodate order from April through July. Additional arrangements to place orders may be made in agreement with the local Staples store manager.
In general, once you finalize your supply lists with us it takes 3-4 weeks to plan out your program and allow parents time for ordering. We require 8-10 weeks from the time we receive your order to process, build, and ship your kits to the school. Your order will arrive in plenty of time for a smooth start to the school year.

Q: Do you offer all the brands and items teachers request on their classroom lists?
We work with our suppliers to create a catalogue of school supplies that provide what teachers have requested over the years. Our catalogue provides the selection to accommodate all the most commonly requested items. We source top name brands such as Crayola®, Fiskars®, Elmer’s® and Staples®, as well as other top-quality, value-priced brands.

Q: Is Staples School Tools kit pricing comparable to retail pricing?
Yes it is. We are able to provide exact items and exact quantities in our kits, which are not always available for purchase in stores, allowing families to purchase just what they need to fulfil the requirements for the grade their child is attending. We will always guarantee that the pricing of each kit is a great value for our customers, as well as a convenient service.

Q: How does the ordering process work?
We start by working with teachers to create lists that meet student needs for the coming school year.
Once the lists are complete:
•      Lists are uploaded to our School Tools website
•      We provide an ordering package to parents, who may then visit the website to find the order online and make a credit card or visa debit payment
•      Additionally, orders may be processed in any Staples store should parents prefer to not pay online.

Q: What are the payment options?
Staples School Tools offers online credit card and Visa debit payment online. We also accept cheques, cash, and debit for our in-store payment option.

Q: When will parents be able to pick up their child’s kit?
Kits are built at our central packaging facility and shipped to our stores upon completion. Kits are shipped to stores in time to arrive the week before the first day of school or sooner. Once the kits are received in the stores, the store manager will send out an email to all customers to come into the store to pick them up. Customers will receive their kit upon presentation of their payment confirmation email to the manager on duty. At that time, customers may choose to redeem their included coupon for any additional items.

Q: What is the price of a kit?
Each kit will be priced according to the contents selected by each teacher. We are able to give you very competitive pricing due to our corporate buying power and relationship with a diverse selection of vendors. Kits may be created in tiers by grade, providing for;
•      Standard
•      Deluxe
•      Premium
These 3 options are offered at different price ranges, based on their content. These 3 options will allow families who wish to reuse items purchased in previous years, to not be required to purchase those items again. For a sample of your school’s list and kit pricing options, please contact your local Staples School Tools representative at the nearest Staples store.

Q: Is there a risk to the school?
There is no risk to the school. We will work together to inform teachers and parents about the School Tools program. We have a detailed communication plan for each stage of the process, ensuring a high level of satisfaction for all involved. All payments, shipping details, and parent inquiries are handled by Staples School Tools.

Q: How do we get started?
A great starting point is to determine the supplies list by grade for the coming year. Most teachers will review and revise previous year’s list, and create the new list. Once that is done, contact your local Staples store manager or you may contact customer service by phone at 1-866-STAPLES, or by email at

Q: Is there a minimum quantity?
Our School Tools program requires no minimum quantities. We will request involvement, and participation from the school principal or school representative, to allow us to promote the ordering of kits. Our goal is to make this a worthwhile endeavor for the school, teachers and Staples. The maximum benefit for all 3 parties is achieved when a high percentage of families associated with the school order School Tools kits.

Q: What does the kit look like?
Each kit comes packaged in a specially designed, environmentally friendly, reusable nylon sling bag. Each bag is labeled with the child’s name and class, and can be reused or repurposed as a lunch or gym bag during the year.

Q: What is your Satisfaction/return policy?
Satisfaction is guaranteed for schools and parents alike. If you have any problems at all, contact us at your local Staples store or at and we’ll fix it.
Additionally, all the items in the School Tools kits, comes with our 1 school year guarantee. Should any item fail prematurely, or be unsatisfactory, we will replace that item for the entire school year.

Q: What provisions does School Tools offer for students who cannot afford to purchase their school supplies?
Each store manager is available to consult about our Staples for Students School supply drive. The supply drive collects donations from our customers to allow us to provide school supplies to those underprivileged students identified by the school principal, at no charge.

Q: What are the main reasons schools and parents participate in the School Tools program?
Parents and teachers have told us that the following benefits are the main reasons for participating in the School Tools program;
•      Easy ordering process
•      Convenient experience
•      Good value for money
•      Easy payment process
•      Convenient and reliable delivery process
•      Easy access to children’s school supplies list